1-May-2018Dallas, TX(16 miles)Reptiles for Sale
Seller Description: SULCATAS, baby Sulcatas $80 ea; 6-7" Sulcatas $100 ea; yearling Ivory 5-7" $800 ea 5 to choose from, Redfoot babies, $125 ea; 7 proven females 50 to 100 lbs, $ 800 - $ 1250 ea; 19" male Sulcata $200 - www.tortugavilla.com
Summary: Breed - American Bulldog - Mixed Breed, Donation - N/A Seller Description: Shop frog is an approx 11 month old American Bulldog mix we think, ---- a true lovebug. A good samaritan saved him from a neglectful elderly owner. The owner was poor and could not properly care for Shop. Poor baby was tied up to a trailer where he was exposed to the element. Shop is such a forgiving boy. Thanks...
4-Jun-2018Dallas, TX(16 miles)Reptiles for Sale
Summary: Breed - Reptile, Price - $100 Seller Description: 2 Geckos for sale. We have had them over a year. They have never bitten us. Very sweet and interactive. They come with everything including 20 gallon tank with sand, cave, hiding log, heat lamp, heat pad, decorative rocks, feeding bowls, skull cave, water spray bottle, tank shelves, mealworm breeding container with mealworms, moss, and ...
6-Jun-2018Dallas, TX(16 miles)Reptiles for Sale
Summary: Breed - Python, Price - $200 Seller Description: Albino Ball Python female born 12/5/17 eating well on live rat fuzzies.
6-Jun-2018Dallas, TX(16 miles)Reptiles for Sale
Summary: Breed - Snake, Donation - N/A Seller Description: 5/11/18 3:37 PM Powered by Petfinder at www.petfinder.com
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